Webinar to Tackle the Role of Digital Tech During the Pandemic
May 2020
The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is hosting a webinar focusing on the use of digital tech support amidst the global crisis brought about by the coronavirus.
Hong Kong-based eyewear company goes green
June 2019
Carrying the hashtag #MAKE THE WORLD BETTER, OKIA, a Hong Kong-based eyewear company resolves to build a more sustainable future for the eyewear industry.
Global Myopia Centre’s website gets an update
May 2019
Brien Holden Vision Institute has recently unveiled the refreshed online Global Myopia Centre to aid web visitors
100% Optical bumps up online reading experience
April 2019
Optimizing its online user content curating experience, 100% Optical moved a step farther with its online publishing platform by providing visitors a more handy
'Review of Myopia Management' to be launched by Jobson Optical Group
March 2019
NEW YORK—Review of Myopia Management, the first multi-platform digital asset dedicated to myopia management, is being launched in March 2019 by the Jobson Optical Group.
Luxottica unveils digital vision for eye care professionals
March 2019
While attending MIDO 2019 in Milan, Luxottica Group, a leader in the production and distribution of high-end, luxury and sports eyewear
iPhone app lets users virtually try on eyeglasses
February 2019
The app, called Glasses by Warby Parker, can be downloaded on iPhone X and higher versions. It allows users to shop for frames and prescription lenses
Tiny digital 'tags' improve eye care by tracking clinic visits
January 2019
Waveguide-based glasses are smartphone powered, outdoor bright and eyeglass transparent, for both enterprise and consumer AR applications.
Smartphone powered eyeglasses use augmented reality
January 2019
Waveguide-based glasses are smartphone powered, outdoor bright and eyeglass transparent, for both enterprise and consumer AR applications.
Digital Eye Strain Is Widespread, According to The Vision Council’s New Research
January 2019
More than half of American adults suffer from digital eye strain resulting from prolonged and frequent use of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices
opti’s new website is #notbychance
August 2018
Taking forward its newly-expanded exhibition halls that would welcome its upcoming edition at Fairground, Munich on 25-27 January 2019
Online myopia management guidelines to help practitioners
August 2018
Brien Holden Vision Institute has launched its ‘Guidelines for Myopia Management’, a free-to-use, practical online tool developed to assist eye care professionals.
New Lens to Slow Myopia Progression in Children
July 2018
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in collaboration with Hoya Corp. has developed a technology to reduce myopia progression in myopic children and teenagers
Johnson & Johnson Vision launches new corporate website
June 2018
Johnson & Johnson Vision, which has expanded its operating companies over the last two years to serve more patients across a lifetime of eye health needs.
Transitions Optical partners with Snapchat to give wearers a 'Try-on Experience'
May 2018
Transitions Optical, while debuting a new brand identity to attract new wearers to the photochromic lens category has partnered with Snapchat.
Myopia Calculator allows users to use ‘ethnicity’ feature
April 2018
The Brien Holden Vision Institute recently launched additional features to its myopia calculator, an online tool designed.
Google Glass Returns with Enterprise Edition
July 2017
Glass is back and how. After the colossal failure of its explorer edition in 2012, Google’s (Now Alphabet) X division has launched a reincarnated version named ‘Enterprise Edition’.
Changing social media dynamics strikes luxury eyewear trends in Australia
July 2017
People are increasingly showing concern over their eyes’ health recently and eyewear is also becoming an essential part of their accessories.